Production Organisation

Paperless Production

Klaes e-prod - Information, communication and organisation

"Electronical production" in window construction companies

Under e-prod we understand more than a paperless production. Each employer receives exactly the information on his screen, he just needs. And it allows you to maintain an overview at all times of what is going on in the workshop – conveniently from your desktop.

If the real production times will be transferred to your time management, you can better recalculate your jobs – without the time-consuming process of measuring times. And with the integration of capacity planning, your dispatcher has the customers under control.

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Machine Control

Klaes e-control – controls machines successfully

Requirements of modern production plants grow steadily. An optimized flow is the alpha and omega. Send your production order to your machine by clicking with the mouse. Thus, you close the circle and optimize the work flow in your company. Klaes provides for a more effective machine utilisation with the help of e-control and maintains high quality.

Klaes has supported the integration of production machines with e-control for several generations of computers.Our development team works closely with the leading machine manufacturers. Thus, our interfaces to the CNC control are always up-to-date. Whether complicated designs, extensive large-scale projects or individual small-batch productions: With Klaes e-control - everything is there!

Klaes e-control contributes a decisive factor to the optimization of your production processes. Also in future: Klaes will employ a team of highly qualified engineers and software developers who know already today which high-tech-machines will go „online“ tomorrow.

Klaes CAM 2D

Klaes CAM 2D - One-Stop Solution

Control CNC-Machines directly from the Klaes Window Construction Program

By developing Klaes CAM, the associated processes are simplified enormously because the extensive interaction between the supplier of the window software and the CNC-control is eliminated. There are only 3 components: Machine, tool and ONE software.

Klaes CAM allows you to visualise all processings on the screen in a 3D view true to the original. These processings are optimally prepared inside Klaes CAM, ready for production.

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